U14 V Ascoli Basket 

Hoops 86 Ascoli 60

After a great day of practice the under 14s came out ready to play hard. Starting with a full court press, the boys put the Ascoli team under pressure causing a number of turnovers to take an early lead.

During practice the boys learnt how to use the down screen and were able to use this effectively to create scoring opportunities .

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So we have reached the final day, and what a memorable journey it has been for these boys (or is it young men).

There have been highs and lows, lots of them, for the group, and for each and every one of them. They will be a key part of the experience the guys will take away from this. 

At our final tour meeting last night it was very inspiring, as we went round the group to hear what each of them said they will take away from this tour. Confidence was a strong and recurring theme and making new friendships, having belief, being responsible and working hard were some of the many other lessons they said they had learned.

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The last few days have been such an enjoyment

Some fantastic training sessions on Friday,with the boys being fully recharged, led to a very positive mood going into the second games.

The evening games were exciting, challenging and eventful. They all went down to the last few seconds , and unfortunately ended up with 3 losses as the smart and savvy Italians seemed to not miss their key shots as we pressurised them to the end.

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After a tough first day acclimatising to the intense heat and schedule, the boys bounced back and had a GREAT day of practices. The improvement was evident, and everyone had really positive attitudes.

Game 2 was against S.Egidio Basket for the U14 and U16’s, whilst the U18 were to face there toughest contest yet against a brilliant Ascoli Basket team who are hosting us.  You can find all match reports and statistics below.

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After an early start, and two tough practices, our guys were well under way and looking forward to the first evening game. The group was 2 and 1 overall, with great team wins from the U14 and U18 teams. Unfortunately the U16’s lost to a very skilled Teramo team, despite fighting until the end.

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Airport picture

We have just finished the first course of lunch and as usual good food (tomato pasta) has buoyed the spirits and everyone is buzzing.

We ended up arriving at 1:00 last night, having been slightly delayed at Gatwick and then a bit slow through Rome airport. After negotiating the winding roads and various potential bouts of travel sickness, luckily non of which game to fruition (so to speak) the boys were tired by the time we got there.

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Russell Hoops will be touring Italy for the second season towards the end of July 2015! 

Having grown since our tour last year, which saw us take a team of 8 players, this year we will be taking a 30-strong squad! An U14, U16 & U18 team, with 10 players in each.

The players will travel to Ascoli Piceno in Italy for 5 days. There they will practice twice a day at a training camp, as well as play 3 games over the 5-day period. Part of the training camp will be led by Daniele Aniello, the academy director for IPA (Italian Prep Academy), giving the players a taste of what it is like to play in a different basketball culture, as well as the opportunity to learn from a high-level experienced international coach.

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Over the May half term, Russell Hoops campers were visited by Ashley Hamilton for some intensive coaching sessions.

Hamilton was a consistent starter at Loyola Marymount University which is a Division One NCAA university. Combining that with being a member of the GB men’s basketball roster, and an international basketball player on the professional level in numerous countries such as Spain, Italy, Ukraine and Lebanon, Hamilton sports a very impressive and extensive basketball resume.

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RUSSELL HOOPS are excited to announce that, starting in September, Coach Pablo Sanchez will be their Head Coach.

Coach Sanchez boasts over 15 years of experience in a variety of settings and levels and currently works for Club Tres Cantos In Madrid. With his experience in Spain, as well as in Chile and Scotland, he has experience in coaching players from as young as eight years old, all the way up to senior level.

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